In the Netherlands there was a loud cryptopecten: fraudsters used fake banknotes to buy bitcoins.

According to the Dutch edition of RTL Nieuws, a group of hackers from Amsterdam deceived the victim, having bought her bitcoins in the amount of €180 000. Criminals found the victim on the forum and agreed to the deal in advance. It was to be held at the hotel. On the appointed day the participants met at the hotel and everything went according to plan intruders. Both sides checked all the appropriate documents only after the exchange bitcoins for 26 €180 thousand took place. Then sold the bitcoins found that he had received the fake notes.

It is worth noting that a month ago there was a similar case. The victim was a prominent South Korean businessman, and the deal became a hotel in the French city of nice. A group of Serb fraudsters also bought him some bitcoins for fake cash.

While crypto-currencies have the status of a very expensive product, and not a regulated asset, similar cases will continue and we will hear again about the one high-profile fraud involving cryptocurrency.