The rise in price of bitcoin (BTC) in the middle of this week has led to an increase in commissions for transactions in the network of the largest cryptocurrencies. Over the last few days the average transaction fee was closer to $2.

Analysts do not see growth in transactional commissions unusual. A similar situation was observed two years ago. For example, in December 2017, the average fee for the processing operation in the network of bitcoin reached $50.

The main cryptocurrency this week showed an aggressive rally and broke the psychological threshold of $5,000.

Now we are seeing a corrective decline in BTC, the coin is trading at $4950, but most analysts put on the resumption of growth in the very near future. Optimists are more aggressive and predict the breakthrough of bitcoin to $5500-6000.

It is difficult to predict the future behavior of network users BTC in connection with the increase in transaction fees.

Skeptics believe that the increase in the size of the commissions just prevents mass transfer of players to use the cryptocurrency. That is why developers are faced with the task of reducing operating costs that will minimize the fee for any value of bitcoin.

One of the solutions to the problem should be the network of the second level Lightning Network, according to some supporters of bitcoin.

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