A couple of weeks ago I posted a tweet that is usually short-term volatility is not a sign of trend reversal. There’s a lot of evidence as to the periods of growth and falling BTC. In the framework of the bearish trend of 2013, we can see short-term volatility 6 times before it reached its conclusion.

The same thing happened in the bull market of 2015-2017.

Now we see the short-or medium-term volatility, which occupies a period of 2-3 months. It is quite a normal period, which in a short time it would be logical to expect further growth. However, the market grew almost without setbacks within five months, which is longer than usual by about two months. Thus, I think that the current period of short-term volatility may last a little longer, but in September the market should at least stabilize, if not go to further smooth growth.

I do not think that now is somehow to strain or worry. Statistically periods, like the current, unable to break the dominant trend of the first time. It takes 6-7-8 times. Moreover, the price of BTC hasn’t even reached the previous AWB. My point has not changed – we are at a very early stage of the bull market.