It will do the TON.labs she could use his connections with the founder of Telegram

The blockchain from the Telegram is not running, but there are developers who want to simplify and accelerate the creation of applications for it. There was a company TON.labs, which prepares a Toolkit for application developers for a TON – she said the company’s managing Director Alexander Filatov on the exchange forum on 3 April. In may 2018 Filatov acted as a partner of SP Capital, and this investment consulting company has invested in TON and Telegram helped to attract other investors into this blockchain platform.

“The idea is that any team of programmers in the world could for a week to write the app from [ready] modules”, – explained in the forum Filatov. TON.labs leads the development, using technical documentation Telegram sent investors a TON last fall, told “Vedomosti” Filatov. That is, on the basis of its accounting work can conduct any command data received from the investors, but the existence of other such teams Filatov unknown.

TON is a blockchain platform developed by the team of Pavel Durov. It was under her Telegram caught at the beginning of 2018 to $1.7 billion from investors. Then the command Telegram promised that TON will process transactions faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains and will be able to compete in speed of payments with Visa and Mastercard. In the ecosystem of the TON should see the TON platform Services on which developers can create and deploy applications. Through the app users will receive services that will pay internal cryptocurrency blockchain Gram. TON Services in the last year the developers of Telegram described in document about TON (White paper).

One of the investors Telegram says that I have not heard that someone did a similar project for the future of the blockchain-platform messenger, but TON.labs is actively working in this direction, he knows. Theoretically, a company could develop based on the available investors of the technical documentation, but the Fund Filatov communicates with the command Telegram and, probably, TON.labs can not do only public information, he says. And the name of the company suggests that the command Telegram has allowed them to use the word TON, according to the investor.

Another investor Telegram also heard about the existence of a TON.labs, but not immersed in the essence of her work. About similar to TON.labs companies he doesn’t know, though, believes that theoretically, it infrastructure around a TON may be several. But only documents for investors, developers enough, the source continues, “Vedomosti”, – for this you’d need a full API (an intermediary between the application developer and the system with which the application will work) to the blockchain.

A long shot that such development lead third party teams without a detailed immersion in the infrastructure TON, otherwise the implementation of this project does not make sense, says the Director of corporate relations at Qiwi Blockchain Technologies Konstantin Koltsov.

Access to the TON the TON company.labs has not only to common documentation, assured Filatov Vedomosti. According to Filatov, TON.labs, for example, deals with compilers from different programming languages on the blockchain TON, gateways through which users of Telegram will be able to access applications and switch between them, and contemplating the possible bundles with other blockchains.

On the question of “Vedomosti” about how the business TON.labs, Filatov said the company has a strong international team of developers and is now working in the closed mode.

In September 2018, it became known that a Telegram reported to investors platform is ready for 70%, but the test version of the TON were supposed to be the “late autumn”. According to Filatov, the test version of the TON have not yet started.

TON will be the first bloccano integrated with a large user base – of the messenger Telegram, recalled Filatov on the forum: this will open the possibility of a blockchain-based applications first to get access to 260 million users. The last time the Telegram disclosed the size of its audience at the end of March 2018, when it amounted to 200 million users. Also Filatov noted that the blockchain TON will be faster and will allow a million transactions per second. The same performance promised by the developers and TON last year.

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