17 APR the Department of own safety of FSB have detained two employees of the Central apparatus of the Ministry – senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Department of the FSB Sergei Belousov and his assistant, investigator for particularly important cases Kolbow. They are accused that they extorted a bribe in the amount of 65 million rubles in bitcoins the family of a famous scientist and the former Director of the publishing house “Izvestia” of Erast Galumov.

Belousov until today was the head of the investigative team, which conducted the criminal case Galumova.

Ex-Director of the publishing house “Izvestia”, the political scientist, Professor, doctor of political Sciences of Erast Galumov secretly arrested at the beginning of 2018 (relatives and colleagues thought he was on the forum in Saint-Petersburg). The case itself was classified, and galumov pleaded guilty, he was charged with fraud by 43 million rubles (allegedly, he improperly disposed of the printing printing press).

The investigative group on the case Galumova consisted of 15 people, almost all the members of the seventh division, which is engaged in investigation of crimes in sphere of computer technologies. The group was headed by Belousov, who during the investigation grew out of captain to major General and the senior investigator for particularly important cases. Kolbow Belousov and specialized in cases involving crypto-currencies, hence their “love” for bitcoin.

After the arrest of Erast Galumov they called his son Alexander. The person on the other end of a wire was presented by Michael (later it turned out that it was Kolbow). He advised Alexander, a mediocre businessman to leave Russia, but otherwise, he warned, “you too will sit at the father.”

Scared, Alexander went to Cyprus. At this time, the staff investigative group was taught Galumova senior: “You’re a wise man, but you got. Don’t check out. You have to admit guilt, pay damages, and your son, who escaped abroad, should comply with our terms and conditions. Here then all will be well, you will condemn in a special order (with the court agree), and will be released”.

In the end, bowing to pressure, galumov pleaded guilty, although, according to his lawyers, the offense is simply not available.

Further, “Michael” (aka Kolbow) began to demand from the son of Alexander Galimova 65 million rubles, but not necessarily bitcoin. Threatened that if I didn’t get that in the father there will be new episodes, and the “sit down” for a long time. While the son was thinking in do a new episode with the theft of a piece of cable.

The lawyer of the arrested Sementsov addressed in Management of own safety of FSB, and the son Galumova began to negotiate, pretending to all agree. According to the game, galumov had to continue to admit guilt, or a son to pass the first part of the money. Alexander gave three million roubles specialist, which, when it put them in an online wallet, open “Michael”, and transferred the money into bitcoin. All of this was recorded, the money came in several tranches, had several meetings.

As soon as the son began to pay the life of his father behind bars has changed and the date and calls to relatives are allowed.

In the end, both the extortioner was detained, a criminal case under article “bribe”. Kolbow arrest even tried to resist the forces of the FSB. April 17, the Basmanny court of Moscow of the year, elected him a measure of restraint in form of detention. Military garrison court now decides the issue of the arrest Belousov.

However, counsel are suspected of extorting bribes involved and other members of the investigative team (all 15 people).

It remains unclear the fate of Galumova. A confession he gave in the framework of the game, but soon his case will be transferred to the Prosecutor and then to court. Sementsov lawyer insists that the case was transferred to another investigation team and took the real testimony of the accused.

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