In 2018, the auditor company Deloitte conducted a comprehensive independent study on the trends in the market of financial technologies (Finance) in Russia and Kazakhstan. According to a study (PDF), development market Finance stimulates three fundamental factors:

  • growing demand — growing demand for financial services received by both the population and business through the Internet or mobile connection;
  • the activity of the regulator of the government’s activities, which formed a unified national FINTECH space and infrastructure;
  • dynamic offers high sensitivity FINTECH companies to the growing demand (regular launch of new products and services).

At present, the concentration of demand from consumers FINTECH services accounted for online lending. It is one of the fastest growing in the market of financial technology: according to experts, to 2017, the online company was given to 67% of loans more than a year ago. Experts note that the vast majority of the Finance market expect the positive dynamics in the segment of online loans (term two years), and I believe online lending one of the main drivers of market development of financial technologies.

Also among the main features of Finance in Russia, Deloitte notes the lack of regulation of the cryptocurrency market (there is no explicit prohibition).