U.S. district court sentenced 36-year-old French citizen Gala Wallerius (Gal Vallerius), also known as OxyMonster to 20 years in prison and forfeiture of $700 thousand in bitcoin.

Wallerius, who was arrested last year, was convicted of selling drugs and laundering of money through darkweb-platform Dream Market.

Drug dealer was detained in late August of 2017 at the airport in Atlanta, where he
came to participate in the world championship beard and mustache, which is held in the Texas city of Austin.

Valerius admitted he had sold drugs such as his hands on the oxy, heroin, cocaine, and ritalin pentanol for cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash) in darkwave. According to the court, he would have confiscated more than 100 BTC and BCH 121,95 – that totals more than $700 000. Withdrawn funds will be transferred to the American government.

Law enforcement officers watched over the site Dream Market for two years. Wallerius calculated on the writing style and operations with bitcoin.

The offender will serve his sentence in South Florida.

Recall that on 5 November, the U.S. marshals Service plans to sell 660 bitcoin (about $4.3 million) that were seized during a number of Federal criminal, civil and administrative investigations.