Against the background noted before the growth of bitcoin to over $5980 per unit partner of venture Capital company Blockchain and one of the leading bitcoin analysts on wall street Spencer Bogart (Bogart Spencer) in an interview with Bloomberg stated that, in his opinion, the initiative of the social network Facebook to launch your own stablon can lead to a twofold or even threefold increase in the number of holders of the cryptocurrency.

Bogart suggests that symbolically named cryptosuite coin “Coin Facebook” may be the first step, making that option accept the idea of cryptocurrency itself.

“It’s like the use of the Internet; people can move away from their usual understanding and purchase of bitcoins or ETH. A certain percentage of the user base will do so, and it will serve as a bigger catalyst (adoption of cryptocurrency)”, – explained his position Spencer.

In addition, more important, in his opinion, was that Facebook has added courage to the American FINTECH and financial institutions that follow the development of events and can make the activity a social network in krypterade as the signal to start its conquest.

Recall that at the end of last year, Bogart said that the bearish sentiment in the stock market are “fantastic buying opportunities”, and bitcoin may rise to $50 thousand, as it is not tied to profits or cost of capital, which set a kind of ceiling for young technology companies. However, according to media reports, Facebook is preparing to introduce to the market not only stablon, but also a powerful payment system based on it.

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