When talking about hacking Binance, I decided to check transaction ID (tx ID), which were provided to us. Since I had no access to specialized software, I had to roll up our sleeves and look at all the old-fashioned way.

I used the visualization function on Blockchain.com. By far, most of the funds did not leave the wallets, but clearly not all.

One transaction makes me really interested. Part of the illegally derived funds were sent to the wallet 1CQFNdCsDvZgB62eYLgS5q4eNZkZDuhUev, but later these funds were sent back to the hot wallet Binance, which is very strange.

The strange thing is that on the hot wallet are the addresses for deposits. It turns out that if hackers didn’t know Binance, they wouldn’t have a reason to do so. Next, I noticed that the from address 1CQFNdCsDvZgB62eYLgS5q4eNZkZDuhUev funds were sent to Binance as part of the same transaction, see for yourself. In the end, I went to the online ‘BitcoinWhosWho’ to further examine this address. It is noteworthy that the owner of the wallet was previously marked as a scammer who was stealing money from people Yobit using phishing

At this point, the picture started to become very strange, as Binance claims that all funds provided by the transaction were withdrawn illegally. Thus, it appears that 1CQFNdCsDvZgB62eYLgS5q4eNZkZDuhUev also belongs to the hackers. However, this address, together with the other sends funds back to the hot wallet Binance.

For me this is sufficient reason to believe that this is not hacking, and manipulation of Binance.

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