It was a difficult year for the cryptocurrency economy. The price of bitcoin fell, nudging reluctant investors to sell. After a turbulent 2018 one does wonder what to expect from 2019? Here are some top trends in the world of cryptocurrency and cryptoamnesia for next year.

1. STO is likely to replace the ICO If you invest in crypto currencies, you probably hear a lot about what the ICO came to an end. But there are those who looks at 11.6 billion dollars of investment, which, according to Forbes, was attracted by the ICO in 2018, and considers that the ICO is more than alive.But the truth is that the days of the ICO considered, given their low level of success and the lack of regulation. The business no longer satisfied pre-sales, attracting private investors and institutional venture capital. The process is now shorter, the tokens are cheaper.

The next step will be STO (SecurityTokenOfferings – offer token-securities) because they can do securities on the block chain more transparent, “movable” and safe. It will be “new ICO” low level of fraud and protection of investors.

Thanks to STO you will be able to obtain investment income. You will be able to qualify for a fixed or non-fixed profit, depending on the company’s revenue, but also to moral rights. For example, you can participate in the decision-making process of the company in which you invested your funds in the framework of the STO.

2. There will be more rules. And that’s fine

Among the growing number of conflicts between the Commission on securities and exchanges and blockchain startups highlighted the case of SALT Lending, crypto-credit startup caused the Commission to court last February to check the information about the $ 50 million collected by the startup during its ICO in 2017.The Commission intends to find out if it was the ICO is anonsyrovannoho. If this was STO, so SALT Lendingнапортачил documents.

The Commission also brought charges against Zachary Coburn, founder EtherDelta, because it worked without a license and are not regulated. It is expected that such cases will increase, which will lead to greater accountability among the players and those who are just planning to run your startup.

There is also the likelihood that the market will strengthen its self-regulation before he will undertake a government. HODL Finance voiced the idea of creating an industry Association that will develop rules aimed at protecting consumers and compliance with legislation.

3. Stabilini will be even more stable

Drop USDT, having lost 10% of its value in just over a week, provoked the appearance of navigtaion. Tablconv have a promising future in terms of cryptocercidae because they provide a token exchange at a stable exchange rate. They reduce price volatility, retaining only minor fluctuations, which makes the cryptocurrency obtaining credit easier and more secure. They will certainly be even more stable.4. Storage solutions become cheaper Deposits and insurance become the industry standard in the world of crypto-currency lending. Understand the regulation and safety of cryptocurrency assets can increase confidence and attract new investors.Giving the possibility to trade without the risk of becoming a victim of hacking, is crucial, so the main cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gemini, BitGoиCoinbase – already have their own solutions for deposits. With the spread of such services, they will become more available.

5. Cryptocurrency will become mainstream

The emergence of bitcoin futures – the first sign of acceptance, because futures allow investors to sign contracts with real money and trade bitcoin, even if they do not own them.Once cryptocurrency becomes mainstream, we will see a sharp rise in cryptocurrency loans. These loans will become an alternative to traditional loans, allowing people to get a quick and cheap loan secured cryptocurrency and without checks the credit rating and investors to profit from credit issued in cryptocurrency.

6. Safety will be the main source of innovation

Yes, 2018 is definitely brought many changes in the world of cryptocurrency. But one thing is certain: if all of the above trends are gaining momentum, they will have a cumulative effect and will bring something so eager investors greater stability. Stability usually means confidence, which leads to price stabilization. It would be a mistake to believe that bitcoin will return to 20 000 thousand, but the loss 2018-wow, probably will soon be forgotten.