Before you invest money in a project, it is necessary to thoroughly study its white paper and team. Indeed, under the guise of innovation can hide the “Grand strategist” of dubious reputation. For example, as “revolutionary” cryptocurrency Prizm.

During the boom, ICO, each of the more than 2,000 coins in Coinmarketcap list could easily find its investor. Developers it was enough to promise a fabulous profit and the new world financial system. It was used by former natives of the MMM. After all, what could be easier than to introduce a pyramid scheme under the guise of innovation of the blockchain?

What is Prizm

This project was a cryptocurrency Prizm. The global objective of this coin sounds like “the development of a new approach to architecture fair monetary relations: rebalancing, and fair distribution of funds between people around the world.” To achieve all that is possible of course thanks to network marketing, which includes 888 levels.

According to the white paper, Prizm (PZM) is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency that runs on consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake. Prizm differs from other cryptocurrencies unprecedented system premining.

“According to its characteristics, premining is MLM 2.0, eliminating from himself all that repels the common man from the network business, but involves him in the development of the network to increase the speed of production of coins to a personal wallet”, – the document says.

At its core, “pyramiding” allows to multiply the balance on the crypto subject of the transaction to the address that is on a lower level in this MLM system. Therefore, the user receives income in the form of compound interest, which can reach up to 144% per annum.

“If you have 10k PZM on the main wallet and 1k PZM on a referral from him (which you can do yourself by simply creating a new empty wallet and transferring to it from the main there 1K), pyramiding on the main wallet will be 12% per month, or more if you periodically empty transaction nepremicnine to throw off the balance, gaining compound interest,” explains a user of the forum Bitcointalk Buran Ded.

Source: Bitcointalk

According to blockchain developer and founder of OnGrid Kirill Varlamov, the Prizm project is not similar to a full-fledged development.

“From a technical point of view the project on github was last seen in September last year, at any time since the fall of 2017 32 komita, a contributor to one and nameless. All changes in the code – it only updates the Readme. It’s not like the development, it is pure imitation,” explained the developer.

As the founder of the Prizm is associated with the DNI and Mavrodi

888 levels of network marketing, 144% per annum – all signs of cryptoperthite. Especially considering that the cost of PZM at $1,22 for the token has fallen by 82% and now accounts of $0.2. Also throws a shadow on the project, one of the founders Prizm Alexey Muratov, who comes from the “United Russia”. He was a leading activist and ideologist of the MMM-2011.

In 2013, adopting the experience from the notorious Sergei Mavrodi, Alexei Muratov decided to go to Asia for another tour MMM. This time he managed to collect $2.6 million from gullible Indians in the States of Punjab and Assam. For this local authorities have signed a “schemer” in custody for several months on suspicion of fraud, but eventually released on bail.

In this case, the accomplice Muratova was the head of the so-called Parliament of the breakaway Republic of the DNI Dennis Pushilin. Together they created a new MMM project “Party of liberation”. According to Bitcointalk user Didin, Prizm is a Scam. And it is better to stay away from him.

But the fascination the world has not ended. In 2016 under its first organization “Change the World Together”, whose slogan is closely associated with the MMM. This project also seeks to change the flawed financial system, but through the blockchain.

For it in 2017 Muratov included in the sanctions list of the USA. Now, he is content with “chair” of the Central Executive Committee of the public movement of the DNI and even allegedly engaged in medical reform in occupied territories of Ukraine.

Overall, the project Prizm has all the hallmarks of a Scam and to the cryptocurrencies is irrelevant. Promises fabulous profits and revolutionary “premining” without any technical justification is nothing more than a rant. And the relationship of the project founder Alexei Muratov with the DNI and his participation in at least 4 financial pyramids, suggests that it is unlikely that investors Prizm will pay dividends or return money invested.
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