A group of Russian officials and experts of the market of digital assets before discussing the question of the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia in the framework of round table organized by the parliamentary newspaper.

The panelists came to the conclusion that the integration of cryptocurrencies in the financial system of Russia — a matter of distant future. Release of any other currency except rubles — prohibited by the Constitution.

In addition, financial regulators may not know who is behind the origin of bitcoin and many altcoins. Also many experts expressed concerns that the introduction of crypto-currencies as means of payment, it may be beneficial for the criminals and those who want to launder funds obtained illegally.

According to first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Lyudmila Bokova on the question of crypto-currency regulation should not act hastily. You need to examine the experience of larger economies and what benefits and what harms the country gains from the imposition of such regulation.

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