This week the website of the securities and exchange Commission (eng. SEC) has issued a warning to kriptosistem about investing in scriptactive.

Laurie Shock (eng. Lori Schock), Head of the Department of education and advocacy SEC wrote an informal post, aimed at the average captainvalor. The message begins with an anecdote about visiting a nursing home, where she gave a lecture about investing.

According to Laurie, one of the senior citizens said to her after the lecture and asked:

“My children keep telling me that I need to hurry up and invest in bitcoin. It is safe, or have I already missed my chance?”

Warning Laurie Shock appears in the background of a warning from the SEC concerning the risks associated with participation in ICO. The warning explicitly States that it is only a recommendation for those who are considering investing in cryptocurrencies. Laurie emphasizes from the outset that kriptosistema not subject to the laws on the protection of SEC. She decided to back up his warning with the statement of SEC Chairman Jay Clayton (English. Jay Clayton):

“You have to understand that in the event of loss, the possibility exists that the SEC and other regulators will not be able to help. They will not be able to recover your investment even in the case of fraud,” — said in a statement, Clayton.

Then Lori said that cryptocurrency investors do not conduct proper research before investment:

“Just because your favorite celebrity says that the product or service is a good investment, doesn’t mean it is so,” reports Laurie.

Comment Laurie a Shock to investors about the endorsement by celebrities, the news about the participation of Steven Seagal in ICO Bitcoiin2Gen.

Laurie adds that novice captainvalor should “ask questions and demand clear answers” regarding the facility in which they invest.

She recommends that not to invest your money and diversify their investments to spread risk.

“One way to spread risk is to diversify your investments. Do not invest all funds in one project. Thus, if one of your investments fails, the other investment will be able to at least make up for it. Today, cryptocurrencies can be a brilliant opportunity to get rich, but there are serious risks,” said Laurie Shock in his warning.