Hearing about the theft of bitcoins worth several billion dollars lasted more than a year. In the end, Federal judge Bruce E. Reinhart has ordered that 50 per cent of bitcoins Wright, who was kamineni until December 31, 2013, must be passed to the family of the deceased Dave Kleiman — his former business partner. As stated by CoinDesk, citing an unnamed source, the court also decided to award the Ira Kleiman – brother Dave – half of intellectual property Wright, which belonged to their common company until the same date.

The case of the theft of several billion started to gain momentum for more than a year ago, when Ira Kleiman has filed a lawsuit against the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin. According to the original suit, Craig Wright or Liestos, as he was now called — after the death of Dave Kleiman in April 2013 appropriated his share of the company for a total amount of 1.1 million bitcoins.

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Despite yesterday’s court ruling, the process is still ongoing, as it was not settled some procedural points. The decision of the judge Reinhart should be taken by the district judge Beth bloom, before you can take the following steps. In addition, given the amount that’s at stake, Wright is likely to appeal the verdict.

It should be noted that although the judge and found Craig Wright “not credible”, it did not make any statements on whether Wright can be the true Creator of Bitcoin — Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, this whole trial hinges on the fact that Wright, along with his deceased business partner may be involved in the creation of the largest cryptocurrencies.

In an interview with the Modern Consensus, he said he was ready “to transfer $ 5 billion in BTC” just in case, if after careful trial court’s findings are confirmed.

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Now the court does not care whether I am Satoshi. However, talking about this our partnership. That is, after the death of Dave Kleiman partner rights and responsibilities passed to the Ira. BSV, this situation will not affect. The judge ordered me to give the Ira something about 500 thousand BTC. Think about how this will affect the market. I wouldn’t want to roll the market, because I am an honest man.

As alleged in the lawsuit, Wright owns several Bitcoin funds, located on the different wallets, as well as the infamous Tulip Trust. This trust, in trust Wright, which supposedly is the unfortunate million bitcoinsmined under the pseudonym Nakamoto.

However, if Liestos can’t be trusted, how the court could find that this information is true? Lawyers for Dr. Wright explained resource CoinGeek situation in the following way.

The hearing generally concerned of a court order on the disclosure of information on all money and financial instruments, which are under the control and at the disposal of Craig Wright. However, at the moment he is not able to do it. While Wright does not agree with the decision on disclosure of information and denies the certainty of the court about the possibility of providing such information. Moreover, according to Wright, the magistrate exceeds the authority. He believes such measures are disproportionate and unfair to yourself.

What can be the consequences?

Once again, this is not a final decision on the case, and Craig Wright is going to do everything to protect themselves. In addition, according to Craig Wright, after he will forward the Ira “inherited” bitcoins for $ 5 billion, the latter will immediately have to pay a huge property tax in Florida, which belonged to their joint venture.

We are talking about the property tax, which in Florida is 40 percent.Here is a quote from Craig.

If you left me alone, I would have sat on their money, and you wouldn’t have to worry. And so you will have to settle with the state. Let’s see how all this will affect the price of Bitcoin in the end.

But why this should frighten the Ira is unclear. Even with the payment of taxes in any case he will receive 60 percent of the Bitcoin equivalent of $ 5 billion, that is $ 3 billion. This is clearly better than nothing.

There is still very important and funny moment. At the beginning of the consideration of the case fans Craig confidently stated that now he will prove his involvement in the creation of Bitcoin in court. Now, the rhetoric boiled down to the fact that bitcoins Wright has fallen off course and drop the market. Waiting for new statements after the end of the case.