“If you follow CoinMarketCap, you probably know that we rarely make public statements, addressed to the users of the service, its creators. — However, recently we encountered some rumors and false information about CMC, which we think need to be clarified”.

The appeal says that since the launch of the service in 2013, its principles have not changed: CoinMarketCap is accurate information about the cryptocurrency. However, the Network spreading rumors that the service charge for asset listing and update information. “This is simply not true, the message reads. — Although we accept donations, CoinMarketCap does not charge a fee for the assets managed to get into our list, bypassing the listing requirements, or intentionally publish inaccurate information.

We take the same approach to every request. In the future we are going to create a paid option, which increases the priority of the request, but the payment never affects the final result and will never influence”. Also representatives of the service denied the rumor that CoinMarketCap involved in insider trading, buying assets before you can place information about them on the website, about how staff intentionally CoinMarketCap update of information about some of the cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that the service is run by one man.

In conclusion, representatives of the service shared his creative plans. If new York nothing will happen (that there is home working group CoinMarketCap) in the near future we will get the paid version of API, mobile application, redesign and a bunch of new features.

Source: http://whattonews.ru/news/14374/coinmarketcap-ne-vzimaet-platu-za-listing-aktivov/