Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has notified about 13,000 of its customers about the need to provide information relating to their accounts, reports service ETHNews.

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange receiving a request from the court to receive information on accounts of clients with $20 000. The report shows taxpayer identification number, name, date of birth, address and other details.

The IRS will monitor the transactions in which was fixed a large amount in the period 2013-2015.

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Initially, the IRS was required to provide data for 500,000 customers of the exchange Coinbase, however, the court has approved only 13 000.

For customers who paid their taxes after making a profit from cryptocurrency, nothing to worry about. One who has not reported its profits, will be required to repay the unpaid tax.

Coinbase recently warned customers that some of the credit card networks reclassified the purchase of cryptocurrency as cash advances. Late last year, Coinbase came under scrutiny on suspicion of insider trading related to the listing of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).