November 30 it became known that Coinbase will give part of the user data to the Tax administration (IRS), and at the end of January the stock exchange has sent tax forms to their American customers, which exceeded the allowable threshold of transactions (200 transactions or $20,000). One customer anonymously told Coindesk that the exchange has estimated his fortune at $2.4 million, while it made a “max $8000”.

In response to the appeal support said could not give details over the phone and advised me to write mail. When the user contacted the company via email, sent him a formal answer with the internal revenue service (IRS). Over the past week on Reddit piling up not only complaints, but reports of blocked accounts, delays bitcoin transfers, the lack of response from support.

In the top of the subreddit: “Coinbase stole $25,000 and do not respond to treatment”, “Coinbase took $68,000”, “Coinbase is not transferred $30,000 more than 40 days”, “Coinbase for more than two months is not transferred bitcoins to my wallet.” New wave custom messages covered Coinbase after a failure, which led to the departure of Bank accounts in the negative. This problem is related to the last measure of Coinbase: the prohibition of connection of new credit card users in the U.S. (on the exchange, in turn, went due to widespread tightening of banks and the introduction of fee services Visa and Mastercard).

Exchange promises to compensate losses associated with changes in the Bank accounts and credit cards. As for the other cases, the Coinbase representative said that the company does not have time to answer all of them: in 2016, the number of users of Coinbase has increased more than twice and for today totals more than 10 million, while the company employs a total of 200 employees.