To send the Enjin gaming coin to the moon, Samsung took only one screenshot at the presentation of the new flagship Galaxy S10. The market capitalization of the coins almost instantly soared to 184 million, and trading volume in recent days has already exceeded $ 215 million. To screenshot during the presentation the price of the capitalization ENJ barely reached 30 million, and the price will not exceed 3 cents. At the moment the price has exceeded 24 cents.

Below is a screenshot of the South Korean store, but finally confirmed Enjin support is presentation. Still not entirely clear what exactly associated with bloccano functions include telephone. We only know that it supports Ethereum and alternative cryptocurrency on the blockchain of Ethereum. As previously mentioned, the support of Bitcoin yet out of the question. Apparently, there is no decentralized browser, and crypto phone functionality is limited to sending and receiving ETH.


Because the wallet is built-in, other applications can connect to it and use the advantages of the blockchain. Maybe Enjin is just one of the first projects that will be able to work with the Blockchain Keystore.

Blockchain Keystore in the Galaxy S10

The company Samsung does not emphasize especially the aspect of the blockchain, and refers to it only as a to Supplement. Therefore, it is not very clear that it will be able to phone. But absolutely accurately it is clear that the headquarters of Samsung now has its own active node through which they connect new phones to the blockchain.

Somehow the news became a catalyst for the growth only and ENJ BAT, while ETH is still trading within $ 140.