According to the statements of the users, the power of the next asik from Bitmain was much lower than claimed.

AntMiner B3 created for mining cryptocurrency Bytom (BTM). The manufacturer began selling the device on April 25, a day after the launch of the core network of the project. The first batch of 25 thousand new Asimov was implemented in just a few seconds. AntMiner B3 price was $2600.

Technical characteristics of the device indicated computing power in the area of 750 m/s. However, shortly after launch there were complaints from the first Chinese buyers. They argue that Bitmain has deliberately exaggerated the capabilities of the new product. Runs in real conditions showed that the AntMiner B3 produces only 500-600 H/s, which significantly reduces the estimated profit of 47 BTM per day.

Also appeared information about the fact that Bitmain used used spare parts for the production of AntMiner B3. According to a post on the forum Zhihu, cooler “new” asik was a lot of dust, which may reduce the degree of cooling and affect the performance.

In Chinese cozesti Weibo appeared a special account through which the customers plan to protect their rights and to demand compensation from Bitmain. On the page noted that a group of unhappy owners of AntMiner B3 visited the office of Bitmain in Beijing to discuss a solution. Despite the fact that the group consisted of 10 people, the meeting was attended by the local police.

According to the publication Sina, Bitmain has expressed a willingness to fix the problems with the indicators of the hash, but the company is not considering a refund. Also the manufacturer is ready to address emerging issues through litigation, if necessary.

Representatives Bitmain said that the problematic devices are only one percent of production. The company also denies the allegations in the sale of vehicles with second-hand parts, and notes that mining cryptocurrency is subprogramas investment.