Scammers sold fake kryptonitetm device for mining. Thus, hackers managed to earn $300 million, which corresponds to about 2 billion yuan.

Enterprising dealers established in China Lianxin Tech firm, which lasted the whole 4 months. During this time “entrepreneurs” could sell gullible citizens who want to mine cryptocurrency, more than 300 000 pieces of fake mainimage equipment. Con artists lure investors by claiming that using their miners can produce two types of virtual assets – with some fame coin Filecoin and a private token of the company’s CAI. According to the calculations that speculators provide to potential victims, their equipment cost of $850 had a quick payback. The money spent had to come back in two months.

On assurances of representatives of Lianxin Tech, their miners showed high performance in 47 CAI per day. Supposedly 100 cars could produce 7000 tokens already in just 24 hours. It is noteworthy that the CAI coin traded only on one exchange, which has cleverly created Scam. Attackers can easily manipulate the price of the token, which is constantly growing, thus further attracting the interest of cryptoendoliths.

Moreover, the fraudsters offered to investors to become agents of the company, to sell pseudobinary other interested parties and to 10% of the transactions, if the sale took place. This greatly increased the profit of speculators.

The fraud became known thanks to the case. One of the miners found that the equipment continues to “earn” token CAI even after a power outage. And by the time both victims went to the police, the crooks managed to escape, taking all the revenue. Quite naturally, no real coins Filecoin holders of farms from Lianxin Tech is not produced. Currently, the Chinese police is investigating the fact.

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