Chinese experts positively assess the maintenance of the turnover state of the virtual currency El Petro. In the following review, prepared by the rating Agency Dagong, it is noted that now the modern global financial system can be replaced by a new format of relations.

Appeared first precedent, when a separate state was a blow to the dominance of the current international monetary system. Starting to turn to the state of the digital currency will reduce the dependence on existing financial institutions.

If soon other States will launch their digital money, the dominance of the current system of payments will cease, experts believe Dagong. Earlier media reported that the government of Venezuela last week initiated the process of placing their own virtual currency.

According to the President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro, just a day of trading, Caracas was able to attract investments in the amount of $ 300 million. The government promised to provide state of digital money at the expense of energy. In particular, it was stated that the currency will be provided by the oil field. After that, Turkey made proposals in launching their cryptocurrency. Share: