Traditionally a centre for the development of information technology industry of China, part of the Ministry of Informatization of the country, it publishes an updated version of its rating of cryptocurrency projects.

As usual in the list 33 of cryptocurrency. EOS continues to lead the ranking, followed Ethereum, Bitshares, Nebulas and NEO. Bitcoin in recent months, taking places 10 and 16, now has shifted to the 19 position. NEM again closes the list.

Since June of this year, EOS and Ethereum are leading in the ranking of Chinese experts. Representatives of the center say that when they made their first rating, the main network of EOS has not been started yet, so then they took the project into account.

“EOS and Ethereum is firmly established in the first two positions of the list”. “At present, EOS and Ethereum are the undisputed leaders in the field of platforms for the development of decentralized applications around the world, and EOS at the same time shows a more steady development. The data suggests that decentralized apps EOS are highly active and a large number of users,” say the compilers of the rating.

It is known that analysts “improved methods of evaluation of developer tools and fully studied the API, SDK, RPC, smart contracts and other factors.” Five major projects in this category steel Ethereum, Neo, Nebulas, Qtum and Dash.

“Top-5 index, the underlying technology for this period consists of the EOS, Bitshares, Steem, Ethereum and Gxchain. Their composition has not changed compared to the previous month. Relative to the previous rating of the most notable improvements in this category are observed in Ripple, Nuls, Iota, Nebulas and Bitcoin Cash” — say the authors of the rating.