Cryptocurrency exchange IronX, whose launch is planned for the end of December 2017, has raised $22.3 million of investments during the closed funding round. But not everyone is so lucky: some exchanges are rapidly losing money. For example, the canadian MapleChange. Platform hacked, taking approximately 913 BTC.

MapleChange went offline in the Twitter service panic: write, that you can’t return the missing BTC, but I will try to compensate for everything else.

Information a little while. It is reported that as a result of a critical vulnerability, the attackers withdrew, all on account of the exchange funds. Exchange staff are investigating the incident, but some experts believe that the hacking can be setup: stock exchange representatives just ran off with the money of traders. As the argument is called a too long pause: Twitter MapleChange silent for more than nine hours.

In addition, traffic statistics MapleChange shows that the speed of exchange has increased significantly over the last week. What is the reason? It is not yet clear. But the breaking time (the morning of 28 October 2017) suggests that “hack” happened while clients were asleep and could not raise the alarm.