Information about restricting the release of the second capitalization of bitcoin has turned out to be an April fool’s joke.

Acne Buterin “joking” in his Twitter account, telling users about the intention to restrict the emission of air. The record appeared on 1 April. Today, one of the founders of the Ethereum platform called the entry “meta-joke”, which is needed to see whether it deems the community is such an idea realistic. Buterin noted that the proposal is quite “real”. Previously it appeared in the documentation on GitHub.

“If the community needs to limit emissions, and it believes that EIP 960 would be the best way to achieve that a similar idea should be adopted. If the community does not need and should do. This is true, regardless of whether the initial offer is a joke or not,” wrote Buterin.

Also, the programmer noticed that most of the users did not pay attention to one of the largest and well-hidden jokes – about 20% of yesterday’s record Buterin copied from the website of the Tron project.

We will remind, the day ago founder of Ethereum has published a new proposal for improvement of the Protocol the second capitalization of the digital currency. He said that he intends to limit the maximum volume of the issue Ethereum to 120 million coins.