As reported by analysts from Forrester Research, a business that decides to implement a technology for a distributed registry that uses the term DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) instead of “blockchain”. All because around the past too much “hype”, and yet he has managed to get a negative connotation, thanks to the cryptocurrency.

That the crypto community is good for business as usual not acceptable. Specialists, for example, Forrester Research reported that in most companies, implementing a blockchain prefer to use instead of the term word DLT. This is because the blockchain is strongly associated with the cryptocurrency and it’s been compromised.

The technology is actually developing, although according to implementing it and does not bring them any additional income. That’s just unhealthy noise and hype, contributing to the fraud, and serve as the “blockchain” bad service. Moreover, some projects actually do not implement the blockchain, but at the same time use that word in their promo.

Therefore, many companies in their presentations and videos to change the word “blockchain” on the term DLT, that is, the Distributed Ledger Technology.

According to analysts, despite the fact that introduction of technology distributed registry grows, it brings no income, neither the developers nor the providers. And in 2019, the situation will not change.