Over 27 500 investors from South Africa, Australia and the United States have suffered from actions of swindlers, organized criminal scheme with the use of cryptocurrency. This writes the TimesLIVE.

The press Secretary of Department on investigation of especially important cases of the Lloyd Ramovha confirmed information about the ongoing in relation to BTC Global investigation initiated after receiving numerous reports of large-scale fraud.

The organizers of the BTC Global allegedly stole more than $50 million worth of bitcoin, investors have transferred to their wallet.

“I spoke with one of the investigators from our team, and he confirmed that this matter brought to their attention about two weeks ago. We received over 27 500 complaints, and many of them were sent not from South Africa. The amount exceeds $50 million is Not excluded that it will continue to grow because complaints are still coming in,” explained Ramovha.

Information about citizens of a country are criminals, yet.

“The investigation is just beginning. I’m not ready to say that we are talking about the financial pyramid. Investigation conducted because of violations BTC Global requirements of the laws on financial advice and intermediary services”, — said the representative office.

Numerous victims associated with TimesLIVE reported that the investment in BTC Global they are attracted to “top trader”, submitted to them as Steve TWAIN. Investors received payments on a weekly basis, sometimes they were late, and about two weeks ago, the TWAIN disappeared. The participants of the scheme suggest that he used a fake name.

Some victims believe that the organization of a financial pyramid is a resident of Johannesburg, and even threatened her with murder, which she was forced to contact the police.

To date, BTC Global has suspended all activities and posted on its website the following message:

“The payment information has been passed to Stephen Twayne Sunday, 18 February 2018 as a team of administrators doing this every week since last year. Steven has not confirmed the information. Steven not had any contact with anyone from the management team or administrators. Steven didn’t send any payments. Team administrators are unable to contact him. If anyone has any information or someone knows how to contact him, please let us know. We are shocked and angry as everyone else. But we all knew that the transfer of money Stephen meant a certain risk.”

Manual BTC Global also appealed to affected investors with the request to cease to threaten the representatives of the project and offered to resolve all issues in a legal way, adding:

“While Steven TWAIN will not make themselves known or be discovered, a team of administrators will not be able to do anything”.

Previously, a similar amount became the prey of the organizers of the phishing scheme in Google AdWords, is also aimed at holders of the cryptocurrency.