At the end of April, the volume of futures trading on the Bitcoin exchanges CBOE and CME rose to a record level during the day, traders bought about 30 thousand contracts. Now the British marketplace for Crypto Facilities has announced its intention to open bidding Ethereum-futures long and short positions. This writes Cointelegraph.

Exchange launches futures on Ethereum. How to react to the coin

Futures in world war II coin in terms of capitalization are available for the first time, the newspaper notes. Of exchange CBOE and CME have only announced plans to trade contracts for coin. According to the head of the exchange Timo Slifer, the launch of futures on the air will expand investment opportunities and enhance liquidity of both the currency and the total market.

We’re pleased to launch the ETH futures. Network is the leading Ethereum for smart contracts, we are confident that this shopping tool will attract more investors and bring more profit in the market.

Crypto Facilities launches futures on Ethereum together with companies Akuna Capital, and B2C2. Partners will be responsible for promoting new investment tool.

The exchange has worked with companies during the launch of futures on Bitcoin and Ripple. According to the representative Akuna Capital, Ethereum futures — a serious leap in the development of cryptocurrency.