Fundraising through ICO, like as not going to slow down. This analyst Brian Kelly noticed a gradual decrease in hype around ICO. It is reported by CNBC.

Investment in ICO – bubble

The number of ICO this year, considerably more than in the past. But the mood and the appetite of investors is significantly diminished – now not every ICO gives at least a couple of x’s in the short term. Brian Kelly calls the current state of the market “swollen”.

People are not so willing to invest in new coins. Investors are now focused on diversification of its own portfolio against the backdrop of falling Bitcoin. I believe that the ICO ceased to be so “hot” as last year.

From January 2018 in the field of view of the analysts were more than three hundred new start – UPS- that’s how much the ICO held for the whole of 2017. Kelly also mentioned that the U.S. had virtually no impact on the market, the majority of investors in ICO are concentrated in Asia. There are regulations of crowdfunding are not as strict.

However, new projects continue to be amazed by successes. Previously the team’s social platforms TaTaTu managed to collect $ 575 million during the ICO. Meanwhile, American rapper Akon also plans to launch its own cryptocurrency Akoin and build tech city Akon Crypto City in Africa.