Chinese mining giant Bitmain will release a device for mining Ethash ASIC.

Terms of sale

According to Bitmain, Antminer E3 “is the most powerful and efficient device EtHash ASIC in the world.” The device will be sold at a price of $800, and will not be available in China. Also it will be impossible to deliver in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. One person can only be sold as one unit. Payment will be accepted only in U.S. dollars and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

With the release has confirmed the rumors that Bitmain is working on ASIC miners Ethash. Ethash uses algorithms that are required for mining Ethereum (ETH) and several other altcoins.

The reaction of the community Ethereum

In this regard, many in the community Ethereum thinking about hard forks in order to protect themselves from ETH ASIC. The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, said that the Protocol was already resistant to the centralization of mining in Ethereum WhitePaper.

“First, the Ethereum contracts can include any types of computing, so an Ethereum ASIC, in essence, will be an ASIC for General computation. Thus, the best processor allows anyone to “poison the well”, producing a large number of contracts in the blockchain specifically designed to counter a specific ASIC”.

In 2017 Bitmain walked income Nvidia, having received 12 months of $3-4 billion, and occupying 70-80% of the market of bitcoin miners and ASIC.