Now Bitmain will not cooperate with its main chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The relationship between the two companies are not in the best shape, Bitmain already owes over $ 300 million for the supply of raw materials. At one point the total debt of mining giant reached 1 billion, but the company was able to cover $ 700 million on its obligations.

Recall, TSMC is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips. At the beginning of 2018 the company’s market share reached 56 per cent and still continues to grow.

Bitmain has slipped

It is noteworthy that news on insolvency Bitmain appeared exactly two months after it had been published a detailed analysis of the activities of the company research Department of the exchange BitMEX. Recall, even then, there were the first signs of a weak financial situation, the largest miner of Bitcoin.

While Gigabyte did not give any official comments about this situation. However, it is unlikely the manufacturer of microchips will continue to do business with this debtor. While we have only a short comment from an anonymous source.

If TSMC will still continue to work with Bitmain, they will need the commitment of “good behaviour”. The flow of chips to the market will decrease, as the manufacturer will start to work at full capacity only after repayment of all debts from your customers.

In the Internet appeared rumors that Bitmain can switch to Samsung. Probably for this reason, the guide Samsung is in no hurry to cooperate with the mining company — who needs a debtor who is not regularly fulfilling its obligations?

Image source — Bitcoin News

Experts also associated with a lack of Finance the recent announcement of the Antminer S15 and T15. The manufacturer has told about the start of sales, but not shared characteristics and price.

In light of what is happening even successful IPO Bitmain could be in jeopardy. It seems that now the head of the company Cihan Wu ordered a gradual transition extraction BCH instead of Bitcoin. It is unknown whether it will pay off this strategy in the future and what they planned to do with the huge stockpile of coins BCH.