Cryptocurrency startup with Russian roots Bitfury started to use coolant Novec, which is used to extinguish fires on their mining farm with a capacity of 40 megawatts in Tbilisi. Therefore, the company plans to save energy on cooling devices, according to Bloomberg.

The refrigerant Novec — “dry water”, which does not dissolve the substance and poorly wets the surface. A substance developed by 3M company and among other things is used to cool the electronics embedded in her.

How to save money on mining. Advice from Bitfury

On the farm Bitfury installed 160 large tanks with a refrigerant containing device for mining. Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov told the Agency that the use of a third Novec reduces the energy consumption of the farm and the amount of space required for device installation.

The company noted that until now make a profit from mining Bitcoin and other coins, and also see great prospects in mining the digital assets.

In early August Bitfury has announced plans to move its national office in one of the skyscrapers of Moscow-city, and to increase the staff to 200 people.

At the moment the offices Bitfury, which develops software for production and works with cryptocurrency, and also engaged in mining on an industrial scale, working in 17 countries around the world.