Representatives cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced that they plan this week to send a portion of the proceeds in a margin trade, to the repayment of the token UNUS SED LEO.

As specified, for the purchase of LEO on the open market is supposed to allocate no less than 27% of such revenues. July 14 on the first redemption token went income from margin trading for the previous 40 days.

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As of today, a minimum of 27% of revenues from margin funding activities on Bitfinex will be allocated to UNUS SED LEO token redemptions.

Recall that Bitfinex has been able in may for 10 days to raise $1 billion private sale of tokens LEO issued to cover the $850 million that has been frozen by regulators in the payment processor Crypto Capital Corp. In early July, a crypto currency exchange transferred to the Bank account of the partner Tether $100 million as first part of debt repayment for covering this deficiency of assets

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