Yesterday, the introduction of technology SegWit across the network has passed another important milestone — its support was added to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the second announced that it will add support next week.

Bitfinex adds support SegWit

Bitfinex team first made the announcement that will support SegWit. Bitfinex daily handles more than $1 billion, making it one of the largest kryptomere.

Technical Director Paolo Ardoino (Paolo Ardoino) said that this technology will give users some noticeable improvements:

SegWit will not only provide benefits directly to users, but also the basis for the future development of bitcoin. Supporting SegWit, Bitfinex solves three of the biggest fears of cryptoendoliths: the Commission, the transaction rate and overall throughput of the network. We are glad that we can provide our customers with reduced 20 percent Commission, as well as faster transaction“.

SegWit (short for Segregated Witness that the translation for “private witness”), which was first activated in the bitcoin network in August, reduces the size of the transaction and eliminate the threat of increasing the fee.

As more users begin to send payments from SegWit addresses, this should lead to an overall increase in network throughput, reduction of congestion and further reduce the fee.

Coinbase will begin a phased launch SegWit for “several days”

Later in the day, Coinbase announced that it finishes the integration of SegWit and over the next few days you will begin a phased launch for the clients, all the functionality will be launched next week.

“Our team of engineers have completed testing SegWit bitcoin on Coinbase.We will begin a phased launch for customers over the next several days, roughly 100% run for all customers will be in the middle of next week,” — Coinbase (@coinbase), 20 February 2018.

Following these announcements was followed by another major event in making SegWit — it was reported that Bitcoin Core version 0.16.0 (the release of which is scheduled for the next few days) will include, finally, full support SegWit.