The Washington Post tells why “little guys” pursue good luck by investing money in crypto-currencies.

They only need a story similar to what happened to Jacob Melin, who in two years bought a new house, a new car and opened a new consulting business to Crypto Consulting Group in Louisville, Kentucky, investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin pointed the way to all “little people”

At a recent meeting with Melin, software specialist Cedric Knight told him about crypto-currencies: “We, the” little guys “… can not move forward. This is a chance once in my life to change my life … This is my chance … I’m almost afraid not to take risks. ”

Bitcoin has become a fast way to wealth, a guarantee against anxiety about financial security and an economically independent future.

Melin said about the existing structure of society: “I almost blame the older generation … We will be slaves to these people for the rest of their lives … They tell you to go to college, to get an education, then you will have work with a six-figure salary … I know so many people working in Starbucks with all this education. I was one of these people who was told: “Collect debts, and then pay us the rest of your life.”

For Melina and other “little people”, crypto currency is a way to protect yourself from