Morgan Creek founder mark Yusko sure that the shock which demonstrates the global stock market, forcing investors to find new areas for investment. One of the assets of refuge is the bitcoin, which will certainly benefit from the fact that the profitability of the investment in shares continues to fall.

This view Yusko said in the TV channel CNBC and said:

I think we have created the biggest bubble we have ever seen.

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The bond bubble is about to burst, warns @MarkYusko. Here’s why.

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The yield on us government bonds fell to the lowest level, parallel to the increased risk that the bubble may at any time burst. In this situation the best option of saving for most investors will be bitcoin.

According to the founder of Morgan Creek, the people who watch the cost of bitcoin on a daily basis, miss the very essence of the existence of this asset. We need to look at the long-term prospects of the coin, not to change its course in the next few days.

In the long term, BTC has huge potential and is already realized by many experts and financiers. Therefore, as the destabilization of the situation in the stock market, more capital will come into cryptosphere, said Yusko.