In July, traders have not been able to access “easy” trading position on Bitcoin due to the lack of a clear trend on the chart. The price movement of the cryptocurrency is still volatile, however, she again managed to break above 10 thousand dollars.

It would seem that this event should cool the ardor of the BTC haters who still speak about the alleged high probability of falling of a digital asset to a new annual low. Their opinions do not agree billionaire Mike Novogratz. He recently visited the broadcast television program Squawk Box on CNBC and said that Bitcoin will never drop to $ 5,000.

Today Bitcoin is trading at 10 511 dollars. For the past day the value of bitcoin has grown 5.5 percent. The last few days between bears and bulls going strong fight for the line of 10 thousand dollars. While the last win and the key level is gradually turning into new support.

If the bears still be able to seize the initiative, the price of Bitcoin could drop to a minimum of 8800 dollars. Novogratz admitted that the fall in the area of $ 8,000 would make him nervous, but the billionaire doesn’t believe in the continuation of discharge.

“If BTC drops below $ 8,500, I start to get nervous. If BTC falls below $ 6000, I’m getting very nervous. However, this is unlikely to happen.”

Alas, any specific reasons Mike Novogratz is not called. I hope he has his own insides from the richest sources. And in the meantime encourage you to read the three main reasons because of which Bitcoin has risen above 10 thousand dollars. We all waited this long.

Note that cryptocurrency really is a huge number of buyers who happily would have opened long at around $ 8,000. Moreover, while there is still news due to which market players would start to panic and dump your bitcoins. Hopefully, this will never happen.

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