Michael Mashchenko, an analyst with the social network for investors eToro in Russia and the CIS, has analyzed the recent news and came to the conclusion, how it affected and still affect the course of the main cryptocurrency.

Only a week after confirmation of interest of Goldman Sachs to run their futures on bitcoin appeared rumors that the company-owner of the New York Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange is preparing to offer the ability to buy and store cryptocurrency. According to the New York Times, ICE is negotiating with other financial institutions for the start of trading swap contracts, the purchase of which the purchaser will become the owner of real bitcoin the next day. Will remind, earlier representatives of the NASDAQ stock market said they did not rule out a start trading platform for digital assets in the future.

All this goes against the words of Warren Buffett, which equated to bitcoin “rat poison”, and bill gates, who shared a desire to short the digital currency, if he could.

Why you should not seriously listen to their opinions? Bill gates in the past didn’t think Internet has any future, and only in 1995 changed his attitude to the network, releasing a Memorandum entitled “the Tidal wave of Internet”, where called upon to completely change the strategy of the company. I’m sure when everything will go for money, he once again easily change their attitude.

Warren Buffett used to the current system, based on the control of, a heap of intermediaries, centralization, supervision and manipulation. The last major profit “Oracle of Omaha” received during the 2008 crisis, and in his own words he only made a bid for the government’s actions: “If not my confidence in government support for banks, I would have stayed on the sidelines. I rely on the rational actions of governments and act quickly.” In other words, he invested the money in shares of those companies that were to receive state assistance, such as Goldman Sachs. And either he didn’t fit in my head the idea of a decentralized world, or he clings to his world, where behind the major players are the Treasury and the Central Bank is capable to give money in case of failure.

After an unsuccessful attempt to consolidate above the 200-day Moving Average, bitcoin pulled back to the lower boundary of the formed trend channel. At such low volumes that growth may be delayed, but in General the specific reasons for the serious decline of quotations in the moment: negative news background has changed to neutral, and the lack of surprises quotes might come back to test the level of $10,000.