Bitcoin-trader, known to (LBC) as “Bitcoin Maven” or “bitcoin.maven,” was sentenced to one year and one prison for illegal exchange and laundering Bitcoins . District judge of the United States Manuel L. real, judge of California ruled in late July in the California court.

Bitcoin Maven aka Theresa Lynn Tetley, her 50 years , trading bitcoin for cash on the popular Bitcoin exchange platform “LocalBitcoins”. She sold the cue worth more than six million dollars, said the court. But, according to the Prosecutor, Teresa deliberately engaged in an exchange of cue belonging to the drug dealer. The actual drug dealer was a drug dealer; he was a secret Federal agent, which allowed Theresa to understand that he needs to have his drug trafficking was laundered. Teresa , knowing that a secret agent to launder the proceeds from narcotics, continued to change his chops .

Classic American scheme in the intelligence agencies ,for dark there took seriously and for a long time