The index of dominance of Bitcoin is very close to the mark of 70 percent. It happened for the first time since Dec 2017. With a total market capitalization 303.51 billion dollars exactly 68.4 percent of this amount belongs to the Bitcoins. We will remind, the index of dominance of the main crypto-currencies have fallen to historic low in January 2018. Then BTC took a total of 36.68 percent of the market.

Experts note that a fall of this magnitude was due to the boom of the ICO in 2017. Then investors started to pour their capital from Bitcoin to altcoins promising that in a few months, gave a very good x’s.

Bitcoin again at the peak of popularity

Now the trend has turned in the opposite direction — big investors give their preference to Bitcoin. Some believe that this is due to the bad economic situation in the world. Since BTC is almost independent from traditional financial assets, it is chosen as a safe investment for capital preservation during a potential crisis. The first cryptocurrency really save your money during the next financial crisis.

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For those whose criptoportico consists mainly of altcoins, this news is another disappointment. Many analysts promised a season of violas still can not start, thus the preconditions for its start are still very few.

Recall that in 2017, the Bitcoin price was almost the same, but then cryptocurrency is branded as the main tool for financing scams. In fact, these statements sound now, but the fact remains — over the last months BTC has attracted a lot of attention of large investors. Some of them are seriously considering bitcoin as the best investment for the long term.

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