Last year was the “best” for opponents of Bitcoin, but now the situation has changed dramatically. Contrary to predictions, the haters, the cryptocurrency is one of the trend among many people. For the last two days the number of search queries in Google Trends relative to BTC jumped to one hundred thousand. At this time, most digital asset users are interested in from Nigeria.

Bitcoin back on the horse

The company has not exhibited a great interest in Bitcoins. In fact, search queries about the crypt until Tuesday were in a stable flat at a very low level.

When a more detailed analysis it becomes clear that most of the traffic on pages about Bitcoin comes from South Africa and Nigeria. A similar trend is observed in the Netherlands and Austria. By the way, in the latter two countries soon will undergo a major conference on the blockchain. The United States ranked 12th in the top of queries of users Google.

FOMO is gaining momentum

Recall, a growing number of experts suggests that the global trend of the stock market began to change. With him changing ideas investor about the future of the industry, comes FOMO. If you think that you start to miss part of the profits in certain assets, then bullrun already in full swing.

In fact, all of the above is confirmed by the results of a recent survey on the main Analytics page, eToro’s Mati Greenspan. The majority of respondents voted for the start of FOMO — the crowd is preparing for the global growth of Bitcoin.

Mati Greenspan@MatiGreenspan

Can you feel the FOMO yet?

48%Yes 37% No 15% I don’t know 1 509 votes

Still, some experts still recommend to be careful. Informed trader Roger Quantrill warned the market players about the possible scenario of forming double bottom on Bitcoin. According to him, the main cryptocurrency may still fall in the zone of 3200 dollars.

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