The weekend ended with a Bitcoin on a very positive note — yesterday, the chief of the cryptocurrency has set a new annual high, having managed to consolidate above $ 9,000. Temporary correction BTC officially came to an end and the main line in the face of resistance on the resistance level in 10 thousand dollars there are very few. Now analysts disagree on what the date Bitcoin still strikes the intended line.

At the moment the coin is trading at 9286 dollars. For the past day its value increased by 0.67 percent, while during the week the asset has risen by as much as 20 percent. The index of dominance of Bitcoin is fixed at the level of 57.2% in the last few hours.

Bullrun has already begun

On the weekend, BTC had a couple of times to test the line $ 9,300. Then there was one rather noticeable rolling back to the 8830 dollars, but the bears failed to lower the price of crypto-currencies even lower. Right now she is going once again to break through near term resistance.

Trader Josh Rager are charted on a graph of Bitcoin several important levels that you need to take into account all the market players.

Strong closing weekly candle for Bitcoins. An asset behaving in a very bullish and in the near future going to test the resistance line of 9500 and 9600 of dollars. Level 9532 dollars can be considered a good place for taking profits from long positions.

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Josh Rager 📈@Josh_Rager

$BTC Strong Weekly Close

Bitcoin has been extremely bullish & foresee a test of the major resistance between $9500 to $9600

the 0.382 fib (is a typical “take profit” area is at $9532)

But last time everyone expected a major pullback in the $6ks it busted right through to $7k+


The cryptanalyst Chonis Trading warn that buyers still need to be careful. On a global scale Bitcoin needs to stay above the 0.236 Fibonacci level, which is now at slightly below $ 8,000. If the bulls manage to defend this support, bullrun will continue.

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Chonis Trading-⚔@BigChonis

$BTC — one more step up the mountain as #bitcoin hits right at the 38.2%fib resistance making it the next target for the bulls to close over and also makes maintaining the 23.6 fib support that much more important for overall continuation…

The start of the testing platform Bakkt should provide another boost to Bitcoin prices. Recall, this event will take place in the second half of July.

In General, the traders agree with the prospect of going to 10 thousand in the near future. Such a course has not been since March 2018.

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