Another public person decided to officially Express their attitude to bitcoin. This time about bitcoin says a popular American author Matthew Lesko, who writes books about how to get “free money” from the US government.

Matthew Lesko, author and popular blogger, who teaches the population how to quickly and profitably get Federal grants from the U.S. government.

The writer is confident that cryptocurrency is a Scam and bitcoin is a game. Lescaut urges “stay away” from digital currencies and start investing in cryptocurrency only when you are willing to lose invested money.

“You’re playing with the sharks right now. This is the beginning of something new and nobody knows how far will this game,” Matthew Lesko.

The reasons for such approval is as old as the world: once the cryptocurrency is not backed by anything and is not regulated by the government, then the tokens — it’s a Scam.

Some experts believe that this opinion is of a propaganda nature and America takes the example of Poland. Recall that recently the Polish Central Bank paid about 27 000 dollars to the blogger that put the cryptocurrency in a negative light.

But do not forget that in 2004 the Council for the protection of the rights of consumers of the state of new York criticized the commercials and book Lesko, stating that many of his readers have not received the “free money” that he promised.

In the words of Lesko, experts Blockchain are now implementing the same “exaggeration”, which he used in his commercials about “free money” in the 90-ies.