The developers of token Bitcoin Gold plan to move to a new algorithm called Equihash-BTG. Thus, they want to protect themselves from the new ASIC hardware.

With the advent of the stock market new miners for the algorithm Equihash, extraction of tokens in this algorithm, using familiar graphics cards became unprofitable. The developers of Bitcoin Gold is not satisfied with the status quo.

They believe that with the transition to the modified algorithm the mining hardware will require much more memory. And this, in turn, will lead to inefficiency of production of coins with the help of Asimov.

Some members of the mining community believe that this decision will not be able to protect the coin for a long time, as the creation and production of new mining equipment is gaining momentum.

If the transition to the updated algorithm will be, bitcoin will have to make hardwork. Usually, such events have a positive impact on the rate of tokens. Now Bitcoin Gold shows daily growth of 1.44% and trading at a price of $ 32.35. Experts predict a further rise of cryptocurrency.

The exact date when and at what block will update, yet. Now there are no obstacles for mining the Bitcoin Gold for the ASIC algorithm Equihash.