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Looking for simple and sensible investment decision for the crypto market ? Cloud mining bitcoins on Miningzoo.com is the answer for you. This provider of cloud mining, although recently launched, has already acquired a solid reputation thanks to the convenience, efficiency, and stability. Miningzoo developing in cloud mining, is on track to becoming one of the best platforms of cloud mining, drawing the attention of global investors.

Already in a strategic partnership with Lpool and Li De United Co. Ltd, over the last few months, Miningzoo received new financing from Ceyuan Ventures, a venture capital focused on high technology, and United Capital by adding to your list of investors Longling Capital, Consensus Fund etc.

( Mining center Miningzoo with first-class miners)

Miningzoo boasts high-performance located in distributed locations around the world, equipped with professional teams for operation and maintenance, as well as the best miners. Miningzoo provides users with one efficient service of bitcoin mining. Currently, the platform Miningzoo focused on rent mining capacity. Miningzoo strives to create the most comfortable environment for cloud hashing for customers.

Miningzoo was officially launched at 14:00 on 5 June 2019 Hong Kong at the time. Currently, the business Miningzoo consists of two parts: the service cloud of mining services and rental server supercomputer.

Currently, thanks to the products point of delivery Miningzoo, you start to receive income in bitcoin the next day. Prices start from $ 55 for hashing power Terra daily costs to 0,1529 dollar T, and current income from bitcoin mining is 0,28896 USD per T. If the price of bitcoin will remain at the level of 8600 dollars, the expected annual yield will be 122,4 dollar, annual yield — 222,4 %, which can easily exceed the 200% threshold for annual income.

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