Bitcoin Cash (BCH) once again criticized, one of its leading developers admitted that she could not handle blocks of more than 2 MB.

Previously, developers Aldona said that the platform will be able to handle much more information because the size of one block will exceed 2 MB.

However, the miners encountered difficulties when trying to extract such large blocks. In the end, one of the developers Amauri Gets in a Reddit admitted that in fact the network can’t handle large blocks.

Flogs is a team of developers of Bitcoin ABC – one of the forks of the Bitcoin Cash. Advocate for the production of large blocks act Roger Ver. He repeatedly stressed that a large capacity unit makes it possible to strengthen the capacity of the blockchain.

However, now even the team has admitted to the failure of the idea of Faith. Attempt the extraction of a large block leads to errors in the network. In particular, conflicts arise between nodes that interfere with transaction processing.

Some members of cryptosphere emphasize that the network of BCH for 30 days and could not handle the unit more than 1 MB.

They also believe that to compete with bitcoin, not any of the forks. In fact, the Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash and SV is just a pathetic attempt to copy bitcoin.