On Binance Launchpad starts a new project Perlin (PERL). Selling tokens will occur in the format of the lottery and airdrop, that is free distribution of coins. For the sweepstakes users need to have at least 50 BNB on your trading account — this amount is the equivalent of one lottery ticket.

Details tocancel Perlin

  • Token name: Perlin (PERL);
  • The purpose of the fundraiser: 6.7 million;
  • The total number of tokens: 1 033 200 000 PERL;
  • Allocation (distribution) for Binance Launchpad: 86 530 500 PERL;
  • Price: 1 PERL = 0.07743 dollar;
  • The maximum number of winning tickets: 13 400;
  • The distribution for a single winning ticket: $ 500 (6457.45 PERL).

Other metrics of a process of the lottery can be found on the Launchpad page Binance.

New changes in the lottery

For this project has been allocated a special pool of $ 3 874 500 PERL a total amount of approximately 300 thousand dollars. These coins will be distributed between all losing tickets. In other words, even if you lose the lottery, you still give a certain amount of PERL.

To calculate the magnitude of airdrop each individual user need to first find the ratio of losing tickets in his hands to their total, and then multiply the resulting number by the amount of the pool for airdrop.

EXAMPLE: the user has received 3 tickets for 150 BNB on his account. They were all losing. The total number of losing lottery tickets — 400 thousand. In such a scenario, the lottery will receive airdrop in size 29.05 PERL (3 / 400 thousand x 3 874 500 PERL). According to the results of the draw on his account will be 150 BNB + 29.05 PERL. Note that in previous lotteries on Binance Launchpad was not such a consolation prize, so innovation is enjoyable.

The schedule of the lottery

The balances of all users will register from 9 to 24 August. Then the exchange will calculate the average number of BNB which was stored on the accounts for the 15-day period. Based on this figure, traders will receive tickets for the raffle. We will remind, 50 BNB = 1 ticket.

24 Aug within 24 hours all wishing to participate in the lottery must “pick up” your tickets. Don’t forget to do it otherwise, even when a sufficient amount of BNB you will not be able to participate in the raffle. The day Binance will announce the results of the lottery, and then I’ll start sending out coins to those who are not lucky enough to win.

The next lottery will have extended the period of hold BNB for participation will need to keep coins already, not 15, and 30 days. Obviously, Binance Coin on the background of buying coins will go up.