On the morning of 2 April, the cryptocurrency market have experienced significant “bullish rally”, and the total market capitalization of the virtual coins has exceeded $162 billion.

While bitcoin is “punched” a lot of resistance levels on the exchange Binance a number of serious technical problems. As pointed out by the community of Binance on Reddit, one user complained that he could not log in even after multiple attempts, it seems that the result of the failure of the user interface (UI): “What’s wrong with Binance? Tried to login 7 times that for a crappy app?”.

CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao confirmed on Twitter the presence of faults and continued to inform his followers about the situation. He wrote:

CZ Binance


UI scaling Some server issues affecting some users, being fixed now. API should be scaling fine.

“Some problems of server scalability of the user interface; the affected part of the user”.

The main reason for the slowdown and the failure of the user interface could be the sharp and massive increase of traffic in connection with the growth rate of the cryptocurrency.

The representative of Binance on Reddit symbiotic_bnb commented on the problem in the following way:

“It seems that the problem is due to the fact that the UI is running in heavy load conditions – this also applies to applications. Currently we are expanding the capacity of and reduce waiting times”.

Another Reddit user with the nickname agesarOx commented:

“I think that Binance was not ready for the sudden big interest in the trade.”

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