In the first quarter of 2019 most profitable investment of the main 10 coins became Coin Binance. The largest cryptocurrency exchanges have risen 185 percent in a few months, its price increased from 6,069 to 17,335 USD. The absolute champion in the overall race was PCHAIN (+787%), followed by Ravencoin (+337 percent).

Growth Binance Coin came after a prolonged bearish trend in 2018, the cryptocurrency has lost more than 75 percent of its value. Among the main reasons for a bullish movement experts identify successful policy exchange’s launch of a new token on Launchpad.

The money goes to Binance

BNB has become one of the key positions in cryptoperthite even avid Bitcoin maximalists. The positive dynamics in the auction Aldona contributed good reputation Binance and practical usage of the asset. The demand for Binance Coin increased significantly after the coin became the only tool for participation in the programs of crowdfunding from the exchange.

With this guide Binance took the right steps on their side, constantly burning BNB. The company spends about 20 percent of their income every quarter for the redemption and destruction of coins. Trader under the name of The Crypto Dog promises a gradual increase in the price of the asset in the future. The forecast will be relevant if the General market situation will not change for the worse.

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Looks like continuation to me.$BNB

But from the point of view of technical analysis BNB reached a very important milestone — the long-term line of resistance near the current market price of 17.90 dollar. From here to the historic high prices of cryptocurrencies is not much, but if the bears manage to seize the initiative, we can expect a relatively strong retracement.

In the long term Binance Coin still looks very attractive asset. Exchange Canina Zhao long plans to stay afloat, so BNB will always be practical application and demand.

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