Correction Bitcoin has obviously come to an end — most cryptocurrencies today show good growth. Among the top altcoins’s most distinguished Binance Coin. Coin again set a new historical maximum value against the U.S. dollar.

Currently BNB is trading at 29,12 dollar during the last day of the cryptocurrency grew by 10.51 percent. Among the dozens of major coins our rating of coin BNB showed the second increase in value over the last 24 hours. Left the gold Bitcoin Cash with a 13 percent increase rate.

Another pump

Binance Coin appeared first on stock exchanges in July 2017, and the first auction Aldona opened with the cost 0,1927 dollar. This morning, the BNB has established a new historical maximum in the area of 31.91 USD. In the entire history of the trading asset has increased by at least 16 percent of the 458. Note that until the beginning of 2019, he was trading in the area of 6.5 per dollar, but after a few months, BNB has risen by 384% in a very short time.

In may Binance Coin has grown by 28.16 per cent to capitalization of 4.23 billion dollars. Over the past day trading volume Aldona jumped nearly 10 percent, now, total transactions in the last 24 hours reaches 574 million dollars.

The most popular place for shopping transactions with the BNB remains exchange Binance. Here, the amount of purchases and sales of the coins rose to $ 140 million in tandem with Bitcoin, BNB/USDT was $ 132 million volumes. Second place in popularity is BKEX exchange with a trading volume of 72 million dollars.

Source: Coinmarketcap

We will remind, quite recently Binance was under attack. Fortunately, the theft of funds did not cause serious damage to the exchange. To make up for the inconvenience created before the community, the leadership of the Binance announced a large-scale drawing 50 thousand BNB.

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