In a General sense, the Bi Platform is understood as a tool that enables organizations to create applications that help better understand and build a business. While it enables users to create applications without additional knowledge of programming and the specifics of the code. The interface should be intuitive. Respectively, for its services, the platform charges a fee.

Platform based on blockchain technology created by the Russian company ODM is fully consistent with this description. Its main function is to provide ordinary users with easy to use the blockchain without having a deep knowledge about the code and not being familiar with the basics of programming.

What is a project

Platform TGE_Bi Platform – independent online platform where users can easily buy a custom smart contracts on the blockchain for integration with their own business. The platform also develops solutions for public institutions and large corporate companies.

To operate the system simply. To participate in the project must buy tokens BIC,which can then be used to pay for individual solutions to the blockchain, other functions and privileges. They will be available from 1 to 30 June 2018 at a cost of 0.1$ per coin. The minimum purchase for participation cannot be lower than 1000 tokens. Only in the primary sale will be sold 1 500 000 tokens. And the first buyers of the tokens will have different bonuses.

Available smart contracts will be fully customized to the developers. The user only needs to select settings and post code. The system will carry out the integration. Interaction decisions are implemented through the API or through a platform interface.


Why is the blockchain?

From the variety available today Vplatform, not so much those who use the technology of the distributed decentralized databases. This is due to the fact that normal users were not adequately dedicated to the topic of the blockchain and at best have heard about bitcoin.

However, the blockchain technology can decentralise any kind of transaction and to blur the line of trust between the contractor and the client. All operations are deprived of the need to be centralized. Besides, it is safe to trust any of the information recorded on the blockchain, as it cannot be erased or forged.

Who needs technology?

Users of the platform can get almost everything – from private individuals to States:

  • Public institutions can use technology to create registry documents and ensure the integrity of the voting process.
  • Financial institutions, funds and banks will be able to deploy payment services quickly and easily.
  • Commercial and civic organizations can use the platform to create your own token and credendino, as well as to manage the Internet of things.
  • IT company can offer its clients turnkey solutions without the need to hire special employees to write smart contracts on the blockchain.
  • Ordinary users can use the system in a matter of seconds to create a token and store it in your wallet.
  • Developers will be able to offer solutions or to improve existing, thus making a profit.

Bi Platform helps to make the blockchain easier and to bring it into the lives of people, making an effective tool for improving reality. join the group and be updated with the latest news! official website of the project.